The Fredy Rosenbaum Foundation's (FRF) goals are modest, since it does not have the resources to conduct its own programs. Accordingly, we focus on grants to highly specialized charities and the sponsorship of specific programs operating within larger charitable organizations, consistent with our mission. In most cases, these are charities that were supported by Fredy Rosenbaum and George Foot during their lifetimes or those that focus on brain cancer research. FRF cooperates with other charities whose programs are within the scope and purpose of our charter. All are 501(c)(3) organizations. Some current examples are:

Accelerate Brain Cancer Cure (ABC2) invests in research aimed at finding the fastest possible route to a cure for brain cancer. They expand the search for the cure by looking beyond a single field of research. New treatments need to be found, but an isolated scientist con only get so far. ABC2 connects academia, nonprofits, industries and other research fields, as venture philanthropists. ABC2 has awarded more than 100 grants totaling over 20 million to world-renowned researchers and physician-scientists from 54 institutions. www.abc2.org

Child Aid (CA) builds literacy, education, and opportunity to impoverished children. CA trains teachers and librarians in Guatemala, delivers books to neglected schools and libraries, and takes reading programs to children in 68 communities. CA's literacy work provides the means for children to break out of poverty and build better lives for themselves and their families. www.child-aid.org

Hand in Hand (HIH) creates a strong, inclusive, shared society in Israel through a network of Jewish-Arab integrated bilingual schools and organized communities. HIH brings together thousands of Jews and Arabs in six schools and communities throughout Israel. With many more continually joining, they prove on a daily basis the viability of social inclusion and civic equality. www.handinhandk12.org

Maya Educational Foundation (MEF) supports the educational and professional advancement of the Maya people and sustains programs that foster study, preservation and understanding of the culture. This includes providing scholarships for students seeking higher education. FRF funds scholarships for Guatemalan Mayas to attend university. www.mayaedufound.org

Musella Foundation For Brain Tumor Research (MF) is dedicated to improving the quality of life and survival times for brain tumor patients and to raising money for brain tumor research. MF achieves its goals by using computer technology to streamline the flow of information on this disease to patients and their families. In the course of disseminating information on treatment and therapy, MF helps to subsidize treatment costs for needy brain tumor patients unable to afford medical treatment and advanced care. www.virtualtrials.com

Water for People (WFP). Throughout the world, WFP uses water as a catalyst for change in communities that lack access to drinking water, adequate sanitation and hygiene education. Every 15 seconds, a child under the age of five dies needlessly from a water-related illness. WFP initiates processes that foster pride, self-confidence and hope in bringing people together to build their own water and sanitation systems. WFP works through local partner organizations to build the skills of people so they can operate and maintain water and sanitation systems. www.waterforpeople.org